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The full book list (by publication date, compiled 25 Sep 20):

  1. Quantum Physics for Babies
  2. Newtonian Physics for Babies
  3. General Relativity for Babies
  4. Rocket Science for Babies
  5. ABCs of Science
  6. ABCs of Mathematics
  7. ABCs of Physics
  8. Quantum Entanglement for Babies
  9. Optical Physics for Babies
  10. Goodnight Lab
  11. Statistical Physics for Babies
  12. Electromagnetism for Babies
  13. Quantum Information for Babies
  14. Scientist, Scientist, Who Do You See?
  15. Quantum Computing for Babies
  16. Nuclear Physics for Babies
  17. ABCs of Space
  18. Evolution for Babies
  19. Organic Chemistry for Babies
  20. ABCs of Biology
  21. Astrophysics for Babies
  22. 8 Little Planets
  23. Blockchain for Babies
  24. ABCs of Engineering
  25. Robotics for Babies
  26. Neural Networks for Babies
  27. The Cat in the Box
  28. Bayesian Probability for Babies
  29. There Was A Black Hole That Swallowed The Universe
  30. I Heart Pluto
  31. My First 100 Science Words
  32. My First 100 Technology Words
  33. My First 100 Engineering Words
  34. My First 100 Art Words
  35. My First 100 Mathematics Words
  36. Let’s Get Moving!: Speeding into the Science of Motion with Newtonian Physics
  37. Let’s Make a Rainbow!: Seeing the Science of Light Refraction with Optical Physics
  38. Let’s Ride a Wave!: Diving into the Science of Light and Sound Waves with Physics
  39. Let’s Fly a Plane!: Launching into the Science of Flight with Aerospace Engineering
  40. Let’s Clean Up!: Unpacking the Science of Messy Rooms with Statistical Physics
  41. Let’s Race!: Sprinting into the Science of the Speed of Light with Special Relativity
  42. Climate Change for Babies
  43. ABCs of Economics
  44. ABCs of Oceanography
  45. Let’s Power Up!: Charging into the Science of Electric Currents with Electrical Engineering
  46. Let’s Time Travel!: Zooming into the Science of Space-Time with General Relativity
  47. Pandemics for Babies (15 Sep 2020)
  48. My First 100 Nature Words (1 Nov 2020)
  49. Let’s Get Tiny!: Jumping into the Science of the Smallest Part of Matter with Quantum Physics (1 Dec 2020)
  50. Let’s Get Glowing!: Revealing the Science of Radioactivity with Nuclear Physics (1 Dec 2020)
  51. My First 100 Space Words (1 Dec 2020)
  52. My First 100 Ocean Words (5 Jan 2021)
  53. My First 100 Construction Words (2 Feb 2021)
  54. My First 100 Animal Words (2 Feb 2021)
  55. Germ Theory for Babies (2 Feb 2021)
  56. Pranklab: Practical science pranks you and your victim can learn from (1 Apr 2021)